Upon signing, you, as a participant, acknowledge that you have voluntarily applied to participate in "ALL" of the activities at "Christ-Like Asian Youth" camp retreat from Sunday, August 4th through Friday, August 9th, 2019 at La Moine Christian Service Camp & Retreat Center, Tennessee, IL.

Activities may involve risks including, but not limited to, motor vehicle accidents, other potential personal injuries, illness, death, and/or property damage. You assume responsibility for all risks. You indemnify and hold harmless "Christ-Like Asian Youth" and "La Moine Christian Service Camp & Retreat Center", it's trustees, officers, employees, and agents from any arising from or approximately caused by your participation during this retreat. You also understand that Christ-Like Asian Youth does not assume any responsibility or obligation to provide financial or other assistance, including, but not limited to medical or health insurance.

Upon signing, you as the parent/guardian are fully aware of the risks that may be involved, and you consent to have your child participate in the aforementioned retreat. Insurance coverage and waiver are indicated on the online application.